Love your pooch & love the planet

with our NEW eco-friendly pet range

What makes our NEW pet range so special?

We're glad you asked!

Our new planet-friendly pet range is designed to treat your furry loved ones and lower their environmental impact as well.

By using a range of environmentally-friendly materials and ingredients, you can enjoy playing, walking and treating your furry friend and know that you are making a more sustainable choice to help our planet...

how PAW-some is that!


Did you know that 20% of the worlds fish and meat is consumed by our pets?

Our insect-based treats can be grown in just 2-3 weeks using a land area of 20 sq. meters and less than 30 litres of water...

= 96% less Co2 than livestock!

These insect-based dog treats are made using Insect Protein, one of the most digestible and nutritious forms of protein on the planet, and is fully endorsed by the British Veterinary Association (BVA). They also contain coconut, turmeric and apple, and are fortified with vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients for a beautifully shiny & soft coat!


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