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OrganiCup Mini

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Looking for a reliable replacement for pads and tampons? Look no further! This award-winning menstrual cup is the perfect option as it is eco-friendly, easy to use and it's vegan. Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, it will last for years avoiding constant waste, saving you time and money and protecting the environment. You can wear it for up to 12 hours without any worries.

The cup comes with an organic cotton bag so when you're ready to dispose the cup you simply need to put the cup in the cotton bag and drop it at your local recycling facility.

Diameter: 37mm
Total cup length: 58mm
Stem length: 18mm
Capacity: 19ml
Cup size Mini is recommended for teens or those who need a smaller size.


100% Medical-grade Silicone.


No known Allergens.

Country of Origin


How to Use

Step 1 Fold and insert. The soft cup unfolds to form a light suction seal, keeping it safely in place.

Step 2 Wear for up to 12 hours. When placed correctly, you shouldn’t feel the cup. Go swim, do sports and forget all about your period.

Step 3 Empty, rinse, repeat. Even public toilets are no challenge – just use toilet paper and rinse when you’re back home.