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Pet Bowl Small Waves Navy

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This bamboo food and water dog bowl is a classic and simple design which sits comfortably in any contemporary home. Patterned in understated 'Ocean Waves', not only does it look lovely, this bowl is also sturdy, lightweight and long lasting, not to mention it's good for the planet too! Made using super strong bamboo fibres which absorbs 35x more carbon than trees, corn starch, a renewable material converted into polymers to add strength and versatility, and rice husks, a by-product of farming which reinforce and strengthen the product. This combination of materials makes a tough and hardwearing bowl that's built to last meal after meal.

15cm | Capacity - 0.8L


Bamboo Powder, PLA resin (plant-based material), Cornstarch, Bran Coat/Rice Husks.

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Storage and Shelf Life

Wash regularly in warm soapy water.