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Semolina Organic

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To make semolina, wheat is milled and the coarser part of the grind, that remains after the finer flour has been sifted, is the end product. It has a pale golden colour with a light nutty flavour and natural aroma. Semolina can be used to make porridge, pasta, pizza bases, savoury dishes and delightful cakes, puddings and crusty bread. It is a feature in a wide range of sweet and savoury recipes from India, Asia, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries.


Organic Durum Wheat Flour Semolina (100%).


This product contains Gluten.

All our products may contain traces of allergens due to cross contamination.

Country of Origin


How to Use

To make wonderful semolina porridge; bring 1 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of water to the boil in a thick bottomed pot. Reduce heat and whisk or stir in 1/2 cup of semolina. Continue stirring and cook until thick - about 6 minutes.A little honey or coconut syrup can be added during cooking. Serve with your choice of yoghurt, berries, crushed nuts or seeds. Semolina is often used to make traditional pizza dough and pasta.Try delicious plump oven-baked gnocchi. It can be served as a savoury side dish, as a 'mash' or in place of couscous, and used to make yummy eggless tarts with chickpea flour and roasted vegetables.Semolina is also an ingredient in many Asian and Middle Eastern dishes.Create delightful cakes and puddings - moist lemon or orange semolina desserts are a favourite. Semolina is also excellent in home-baked bread and produces a lovely crusty loaf.

Nutritional Information

Avg Quantity
per 50g serving
Avg Quantity
per 100g
Energy717 kJ/
169 kcal
1434 kJ/
338 kcal
Fat, Total
- saturated
0.5 g
0.5 g
0.9 g
0.5 g
- sugars
34.5 g
0.5 g
68.9 g
0.9 g
Fibre5.4 g10.7 g
Protein1.7 g3.4 g
Salt0.01 g0.01 g

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in an air tight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Up to 12 months when stored as above.