Cashew Benefits

Who doesn’t love cashews? Crunchy, tasty, versatile- they are a staple and favourite in many kitchens. Find out more reasons to love cashews here…

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What are the benefits of cashews?


1. Cashew mylk 

Cashew mylk (‘mylk’ being a health term for non-cow milk) is delicious, velvety and creamy! It’s perfect on its own, brewed with tea or coffee or blended into smoothies. Similar to making almond mylk, the cashews just need to be soaked over night and then drained and blended! However, this mylk does not need to be strained. For a dash of sweetness, try adding some raw honey, maple syrup or cinnamon when blending.

2. Cashew ‘cheese’

Making cashew ‘cheese’ at home is really as simple as making hummus! Having a food processor does help too. You will need about a cup of cashews, some nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, water and some lemon juice. Simply pulse the mixture in the blender until you’ve got a wet meal. Try experimenting with some herbs in the mix, such as dill, basil, chives or thyme. Garlic also tastes wonderful with cashew cheese.


3. Delicious snacks

Cashews make a great go-to snack. They’re yummy on their own, or mixed with other nuts and dried fruits, on top of oatmeal, in smoothies or added to salads and curries. We have a range of cashews in store to try!

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Native to Brazil, cashews are crescent-shaped nuts with a sweet flavour and a plethora of uses in the kitchen. Cashews are considered third in consumption among all the tree nuts in the world and are the number one crop cultivated in more than 30 countries. Cashew plants don’t begin to bear nuts for three to five years, and then another eight to 10 weeks is needed to develop them to full maturity. The cashew is also a close relative of mangos and pistachios.

Cashew nuts are actually the kidney-shaped seeds that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apple, the fruit of the cashew tree.

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