A Sustainable And Ethical Christmas Story

We believe Christmas is a time to give, not just to our loved ones, but also to give back to the community and for good causes. We prioritise and support sustainable and ethical suppliers and products, so when selecting some magical items for Christmas, we found these special ones. Keep reading to see how our vibrant upcycled Recycled Sari Gift Wraps and our fully biodegradable Felt Decorations are beautifully and delicately handmade and importantly, support the very communities of those who made them.

Recycled Sari Wraps - Shakti.ism


For an elegant and eye-catching reusable gift wrapping option, our Recycled Sari Gift Wraps are the perfect choice and lovingly handmade.

Sourced from Shakti.ism, their mission is to empower women from marginalised communities  in India and Bangladesh, especially those more vulnerable to being impacted by gender-based violence. By providing these women meaningful and stable employment along with fair living wages, they are giving disadvantaged communities the opportunity to become self-sufficient and help them maintain their independence.

They also employ traditional local techniques to help preserve traditional craft and promote the circular economy by upcycling sari fabrics that would have otherwise gone to waste. Using unwanted sari fabric not only reduces waste but is repurposed to give it a new life, to be reused again & again for continued gift wrapping, décor and as gorgeous accessories like a trendy hair or bag scarf. A positive impact on the planet and a positive impact on communities.

Choose from 2 sizes (medium and large), each cloth is double-sided made from 2 different saris so you can choose which look suits the occasion.

See how easy it is to wrap your Christmas gifts with our sari gift wraps and the many other amazing ways it can be reused with our how-to video below!



Our fully biodegradable felt Christmas decorations are not just some of the most adorable plastic-free decorations but also come from a special story of sustainability and ethics.

Made from 100% sustainable cotton, wool and felt, these decorations are made using traditional needle felting techniques without machinery, entirely pollution free and plastic free. Delicately handmade by talented local artisans in Nepal, enabling the local people to use their skills in safe and ethical employment and independent living.

Choose from 4 adorable designs (we have a soft spot for the Christmas Sloth) or grab the whole collection for feel-good zero-waste Christmas cheer! It’s decorating with a cause – supporting both sustainability and people, amazing!

biodegradable felt Christmas decorations

Cover & feature image courtesy of Shakti.ism

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