Easy Guide to Zero-Waste Cleaning

Follow our easy guide to household cleaning the zero-waste way. Get your house sparkling clean and smelling fresh with our range of refillable eco-friendly cleaning liquids and reusable cleaning brushes. Plus, all of our cleaning liquids are highly concentrated, meaning you'll be using less water, which is better for the planet! 


zero waste cleaning tips


Our delicately scented fabric conditioner protects fibres and leaves your laundry soft and static-free! Suitable for use in automatics, twin-tubs and for conditioning delicate fabrics by hand. Made with rapeseed oil and organic aloe vera leaf juice this softener gives a gentle scent to your wash. 

How to Use:

For a normal wash add 35ml or if you desire an extra soft wash add 60ml. 



This un-fragranced laundry liquid is great for achieving stain free laundry whilst being gentle on the skin. Even a small amount will give a great result with cleanliness that will feel good, clean, and won’t irritate. Made with the finest plant-based ingredients which are safe for you and the environment with added organic Aloe Vera, this is ideal for those who suffer with sensitive skin.

How to Use:

To Machine Wash: Pour the liquid into the machine dispenser. For a light wash use approx. 35ml of liquid, and for a heavy wash approx. 55ml.

For Stains: Rub a small amount of the Laundry Liquid on stains before washing for best results. 

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Remove grease and stains with our naturally sourced washing up liquid. Scented with pure lemon essential oil and nourishing aloe vera, this washing up liquid is perfect for everyday washing!

How to Use:

A little goes a long way – just add a few pumps to a bowl of washing up before scrubbing and rinsing.

 washing up eco


When we say everything, we mean everything…

Our lemon scented All Purpose Cleaner can be used on floors, kitchens, surfaces and more! Infused with lemon essential oil and scientifically proved to kill 99.9% of bacteria, your house will be looking and smelling amazing.

How to Use:

Brilliant for dusting and polishing of all surfaces from granite to stainless steel (just don’t spray directly on waxed surfaces). Clean your oven, microwave, and fridge with this cleaner since it is safe to use around food. Enjoy the fresh scent of citrus oils, a natural antibacterial extract.

 zero waste kitchen


Get your floors sparkling clean and say goodbye to sticky residue with our floor soap. Suitable for all hard floors, including timber, tiles and laminate!

How to Use:

Pour a capful (approx. 30ml) to a bucket and add warm water. Cleans all floor types effectively without damaging their surfaces. Safe for little feet or paws to walk on after cleaning.

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One of the most versatile cleaning products you can get! White cleaning vinegar is a great multi-purpose product that you can use for a whole range of household tasks. Vinegar is great for removing limescale, cleaning windows or even making your own multi-surface cleaner.

How to Use:

For Toilets: spray under the rim and around the bowl. Leave overnight or for as long as possible, then brush and flush!

For General Cleaning: apply cleaning vinegar to surface and wipe off with a cloth. Great for getting the shine back on glass, cutlery or metal taps!

 reusable dish brush


Ditch disposable clothes and one use wipes and switch to an eco-friendly reusable option. We have a wide range of cleaning brushes to get you started, including...

  • Compostable Dish Sponge
  • Dish Brush
  • Pot Brush 
  • Vegetable Brush 

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