November Sustainability Spotlight

The UK Refill Coalition has launched a pilot program at Aldi UK's Solihull store to combat single-use plastic waste. The initiative involves reusable bulk vessels for staple food and household items, reducing single-use plastic packaging in the supply chain. This enables retailers to offer refill products at lower prices. If successful, the Coalition plans to expand refill stations in stores and online. The new in-store solution replaces bulk dispensers with reusable vessels at refill stations.   

Scientists have created super plastic-eating enzymes that break down plastic waste in just a few days. These enzymes, a natural adaptation by certain bacteria to combat plastic pollution, offer a promising solution to the plastic waste crisis, significantly reducing the longevity of plastic waste and addressing environmental concerns. It's early days of course so conscious fashion purchases are still the way forward, afterall Refuse or Prevent is the first of 5x Rs.

Superfood-based ‘beanless coffee’ could slash emissions and water use by 94%

A Seattle-based startup backed by some of the investors behind Beyond Meat has launched the world's first 'beanless coffee'. Its inventors hope to slash the environmental impact of the popular drink. The caffeinated brew uses superfoods and plant-based waste ingredients like date seeds to mimic the molecular structure of coffee.


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