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Amber Bottle 500ml

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Our amber glass bottles are diversely used for everything from cleaning solutions, as well as our personal care range.   Pair with our sprays or rose gold pumps.  
Amber bottles provide excellent UV protection for the contents. This is important because UV rays can sometimes change the components of the contents. This photo-oxidation is can render the contents of the bottle unusable.  If your product is at risk for spoiling due to UV rays, amber glass can help. They also offer blue light protection. While there are both positive and negative sides to blue light, the primary concern with any light is the photochemical effect it will have on the ingredients of the product in your bottle. If you are weighing the light-blocking protection provided by cobalt blue bottles and amber glass bottles, only amber glass can protect from blue light.
Given the natural qualities of glass, no harmful chemicals can leach into the product. With concern for potential for leaching from plastic containers, amber glass bottles provide a great alternative with a safer materials interaction. 

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