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GnG Fabric Conditioner 500ml

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Use this Orange Blossom and Chamomile scented fabric conditioner to soften and refresh clothing, not to mention, smelling lovely too! Irish made, this supplier uses plant based materials where possible and no unnecessary harsh, toxic chemicals, colours or fragrances. 

I'm supplied Closed Loop! What does this mean? I'm delivered to stores in reusable containers which, once finished, are returned back to the supplier to be reused again, meaning no waste!


5 -15% Anionic Surfactants, Perfume: Orange Blossom and Chamomile (Limonene) Preservative: Sodium Benzoate.

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How to Use

Pour Liquid directly into the compartment in the machine drawer. For a standard 4.5kg, wash in medium, hard water with 35ml of softener.