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Reusable Glass Bent Straw Pink

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Not suitable for children. 

Make a conscious choice for both style and sustainability with reusable glass straws. Crafted from premium glass, these straws not only add a touch of elegance to your drinks but also contribute to a greener world by reducing single use plastic. By embracing these durable, eco-friendly alternatives, you can reduce plastic waste while enjoying your favourite beverages! Perfect for iced coffees, smoothies and pressed juices!

Made from Borosilicate Glass, these straws offer a durable alternative to single-use straws. In case your straw accidentally falls, it will in the majority of cases remain intact. However, should it break on very hard surfaces, the glass can be easily and safely removed and disposed of directly in a glass recycling container.  

If you make the choice to bite on a glass straw you should not break it, but we advise against this practice as it can seriously hurt your teeth. When you take great care of your dishes and glassware they tend to last longer. Likewise, if you treat your glass straws with great care they will last you much longer.

Here's a few recommendations to ensure your glass straws last a lifetime! When using your glass straws for your drinks, be sure to always keep them in the drinking glass or mug. Do not use while in motion. We do not recommend to leave the straws on a flat surface where they could potentially roll off and drop to a hard surface. After use, place them directly in the dishwasher basket where your cutlery goes for cleaning, or, give them a quick rinse clean with the cleaning brush and dishwashing liquid under warm water and leave to dry upright. 

When you are not using your glass straws, we recommend to store them in a safe place like your utensils drawer or a container. 

Length: 20cm x Diameter: 0.8cm.


Borosilicate Glass.

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