Why Is Organic So Important?


Organic is an all-encompassing system of farming and food practice, designed to improve the productivity and health of our eco-system including soil organisms, plants, animals and people. The aim of Organic production and Organic growth is to be more sustainable and harmonious with the environment, offering us an option for better treatment of the world around us (including our beautiful Irish wildlife, land and coasts!). It also offers us a  healthier way to consume produce alongside health benefits.

The Source Bulk Foods and our suppliers are Organic Certified in Ireland, which means that all of our Organic products are monitored and assessed against a recognised legal standard. Here in Ireland, we are certified by The Organic Trust.

By stocking Organic produce and consistently monitoring and improving our Organic supply chain, we are ensuring that our wonderful customers are able to enjoy the highest quality Organic products from trusted suppliers.

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There are numerous upsides in choosing Organicamongst it being better for us! With the current climate of  various environmental issues and decline in wildlife, going with Organic and changing to greater food practices and methods is crucial for our environment and ourselves.

Something that most of us value is having top health and feeling on top of the world! By shopping Organic, you are buying and consuming food that is…


  • Free from harsh chemical pesticides
  • Free from conventional fertilisers
  • Not genetically modified 
  • Fewer additives & preservatives


So that means you are consuming products with less toxins that could be better for your health and immune system. Organic produce is also of high quality and research has found notable nutritional advantages for consuming Organic produce including increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants compared to non-organic foods.


Not only is choosing Organic better for our health, but also the health of the planet. Most people know what pesticides are used for, but may not know the harmful effects on the whole environment including contamination of soil, water, turf, and other vegetation, as well as negatively affecting wildlife. In addition to killing insects or weeds, pesticides can be poisonous to other organisms including birds, fish, beneficial insects, and non-target plants. Pesticides also degrade the quality of the soil, meaning the loss of good nutritional soils for future generations. This is one of the reasons why Organic farming is so important and helps to protect us and the world we live in!


Organic farming also means better welfare for farm animals through offering truly-free range conditions, with emphasis on welfare as one of the most important parts of its farming practice. Organic farming also utilises less energy in their manufacturing, which means it helps protect air quality, conserve water & energy and encourage nativeflora & fauna to thrive with less pollution and healthier soils that nourish produce.


With all the many wonderful benefits that Organic has to offer, here’s a quick guide below on how to shop our Organic range!

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At The Source Bulk Foods, we value Organic farming and produce and believe in the benefits it provides to both our health and our planet. At least 60% of our range is Organic, stocking an extensive range from staples, oils, liquids, snacks, confectionery, teas and spices, just take a look when you’re next in-store!


To give you a head start on making the Organic swap in your pantry, here’s our top Organic product swaps that will contribute to a better lifestyle and planet:


Swap to Organic Basmati Rice for your next curry instead of regular white rice


Change up your bolognese with our Organic White Spaghetti


Have our Organic Red Split Lentils in your next minestrone


Make the switch from regular sugar to our Organic Raw Sugar


Stock your pantry with delicious Organic Olive Oil (and fantastic dip for your bread)



Making the switch to Organic and incorporating it in your choices is helping move towards better health choices and better environmental impacts & animal welfare. It’s a small change that we can all implement but with great positive impact for ourselves, society, our wildlife and the planet!

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