Source Savers

Cupboard essentials at great prices

Meet our NEW Source Savers Range!

There is a big misconception that zero-waste shopping is more expensive and that’s why we’ve worked hard to keep our everyday essentials at a great price making shopping with us accessible to everyone.

What is our Source Savers range you ask?

We’re really proud of our Source Savers range, with ‘everyday’ in mind The Source Savers are a range of cupboard essentials at a pocket pleasing price. The range includes Organic Red & Green Lentils, Flour, Pasta and Rice, all products that we use day in day out, so you can enjoy great value every time you shop with us in-store or online.

Source Savers

As well as being cheaper than or inline with similar products in the supermarkets, when you shop with us you save plastic, support a small business and living wage employer.