Organic Irish Flour Guide

We've just launched three Organic Irish Flour in-store and online. 

Our three new Irish flours are high-quality organic flours and are produced by a small artisan flour mill who source their grains from local Irish farmers who never use chemicals, or synthetic fertilisers. The grains are grown on farms in the beautiful rolling lands of County Monaghan and are milled into flour using traditional mill stones to preserve the natural essential oils and goodness that nature produces, with absolutely nothing else added. From using these traditional methods, to only using local farmers and low food miles, this organic flour supports Irish farmers in a truly sustainable way.

Do you ever find yourself wondering what flour to use? Here is an easy guide that breaks down which flour to use and when.

Irish Organic Type 00 Flour

00 Flour is a super fine white flour and is considered the gold standard for making pasta and pizza bases.

00 flour is made from the refined grains which have had their rough-textured bran and germ removed. It is then passed through the mill several times to achieve its extra fine consistency. It is this fine texture, which makes it perfect for making pizza or pasta dough!

What is the difference between 00 flour and All-Purpose flour?

All-purpose flour basically does what it says in the name, it’s designed to work for all kinds of baking and tends to be 10 to 12% protein whereas 00 flour is slightly higher at 12 to 13%. So, what this means in pizza dough terms is that all-purpose dough will be perfectly edible it just means it’s likely to have a chew pizza base rather than a crispy one that 00 flour can produce.

Irish Organic Stoneground Flour

Stoneground flour is a richer style flour containing more of the nutrient’s wheat has to offer. It is extremely versatile and is commonly used in baking. It's perfect for use in making biscuits, pastries, pancakes, and cake and much more!

Irish Organic Coarse Wholemeal Flour

Coarse wholemeal flour is ideal for baking speciality breads and rolls such as multi-grain. It provides breads with that natural, nutty flavour and rough texture and rustic look.


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