Superfoods to keep you going this hayfever season!

Hayfever season is just around the corner and for many of us that means it's time to stock up on seasonal essentials - tissues and nasal spray! But rather than sticking to your regular routine, why not try incorporating some of these amazing Superfoods with important nutrients and amazing health benefits that may surprise you! 

Superfood Health Benefits Hayfever Season

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen...for allergies? Yes that's right!
It is thought that ingesting pollen helps the body to build resistance to potential allergens and, in turn, reduces the severity of allergy symptoms that you experience. The best way to build resistance is to ingest small amounts of bee pollen during the off-season to prime your immune system and help it cope better when spring arrives. 
Looking for a fun way to incorporate bee pollen into your day? Try our delicious berry fields smoothie bowl recipe.
Local Honey

Local Honey 

If you are reluctant to try bee pollen, local honey is also a great way to releive allergy symptoms! Local unprocessed honey, like our raw Irish honey contains small amounts of pollen from the local area which helps your body build resistance to local allergens - how great is that! 

Looking for a healthy breakfast recipe? Try our Gluten-Friendly Bircher Museli with apple and honey. 

Raw almonds


Almonds are full of antioxidants and Vitamin E which make them a great anti-inflammatory. Studies have show that people who eat nuts at least three times a week also suffer less from wheezing symptons during allergy season. So whether you enjoy them as a tasty snack or ground up into butter and spread on your morning toast, almonds are a great addition to your spring diet! We have an amazing range of almonds to suit any taste - choose from:
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Dark Chocolate Cocoa


Another reason to enjoy dark chocolate! Along with a range of other health benefits, Cocoa has been shown to lower levels of allergy-causing IgE, which are the antibodies that cause an allergic reaction. Not a fan of dark chocolate? there are lots of tasty ways to get more cocoa in your diet, like starting your day with our Organic Buckola Coco Clusters or Organic Coconut & Cocoa Keto Granola
Blueberries Superfood


Packed full of antioxidants and vital nutrients like potassium and vitamin C, blueberries are a powerful superfood and great addition to your everyday diet. So why are antioxidants so good for you? Antioxidants help inhibit oxidation in the body which can produce free radicals that may cause damage to your cells and lead to health problems later in life. So whether you sprinkle them on your breakfast cereal or mix some of our organic blueberry powder into your morning smoothie, blueberries are a food powerhouse we should all enjoy! 
ginger health benefits


A superfood powerhouse! Ginger has been used worldwide as a therapeutic remedy for thousands of years, as well as being a popular ingredient in many dishes and drinks with its aromatic, pungent and spicy flavour. As well as having amazing anti-inflammatory properties, ginger helps to suppress production of certain cytokines which in turn help prevent allergy symptoms - how great is that! 

So whether you sprinkle ground ginger on your morning oats or snack on tasty pieces of sweet dried ginger, ginger is a great addition to every day! 

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turmeric health beneifts hayfever season


Another antioxidant powerhouse! The main active ingredient in turmeric is ‘Curcumin’, which is a very strong antioxidant and has been shown to help improve heart health, arthritis symptoms and also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory (perfect for allergy sufferers!)

Top tip: It helps to consume a bit of black pepper with turmeric to ensure that the curcumin is adequately absorbed into your system.

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