Pecan and Hemp Brownie Recipe With Almond Butter Topping

Pecan Hemp Brownie With Almond Butter Topping

5 | brownies

Easy | 59 minutes

This heavenly brownie is the ideal treat for chocolate and nut lovers alike! The fudgy chocolate base is made with hemp seeds for a tasty twist, then topped with a decadent layer of almond butter frosting and topped with crunchy pecans - you won't be able to resist...


🌱 = Get It From The Source

1 1/2 cup organic pecans 🌱

2 cups soft medjool dates, pitted 🌱

1/2 cup hulled hemp seeds 🌱

2 Tbsp mesquite powder (optional)

1/2 tsp salt 🌱

2/3 cup raw cacao powder 🌱

1/2 cup coconut flour 🌱


Almond butter frosting:

1/2 cup almond butter (roasted or raw) 🌱

2 Tbsp coconut oil 🌱

2 Tbsp coconut cream 

Pinch salt 🌱

1/4 cup rice malt syrup


  1. Process the pecans into small crumbs in a food processor. Add in the rest of the dry ingredients and pulse until the mixture is evenly combined.
  2. Add in the dates and process until the mixture forms a slightly sticky consistency between your fingers.
  3. Press your brownie into your chosen cake tine (we use a 15cm square tin) and set aside while you make the frosting.
  4. Melt the coconut oil over a hot water bath and set aside to cool.
  5. After 5 minutes, add the coconut oil and the remaining frosting ingredients to a high speed blender, blending on high until very smooth.
  6. Pour your frosting onto your brownie, then set in the freezer for a minimum of 3 hours.
  7. Once your brownie has set, take it out and cut up into the desired size. Store in an airtight container in the freezer or fridge.
  8. If stored in the freezer allow to defrost for 5 mins. You can eat it straight away, or allow to warm further (which I recommend as it becomes way more gooey and chewy).