Irish Made - The Benefits Of Shopping Local

Lush green landscapes, great music, delicious food and the best pubs - all things that spring to mind when you think of Ireland!  

But what many may not know, is that Ireland is also home to an incredible range of sustainable suppliers who produce delicious foods and bespoke personal care products - many of which you can find on our shelves at The Source! 


Benefits of shopping Irish-Made?

  1. Supporting local industries and businesses
  2. Investing in local communities
  3. Creating demand for local jobs
  4. Great Irish quality! 
  5. Reducing your carbon footprint
Fewer transportation miles = less energy, fuel & packaging! Keep reading to learn more about our of Irish made products (we think you'll be surprised by what you find! 😉)
irish mountains countryside

1. Coffee 

Our delicious range of Irish made coffee beans and filter coffees are produced by a local roaster in the west of Ireland. Committed to reducing their environmental footprint, our coffee roasters deliver the beans to us in reusable buckets which are then emptied and returned back to them, making it a completely closed loop system - how great is that!

Nestled in a beautiful natural landscape, their roastery was purpose built to have low environmental impact, made with renewable, durable and natural materials that are naturally waterproofed rather than using synthetic preservatives. Plus, all of their excess coffee grounds are used as compost for their vegetable garden.

local irish coffee roasters

2. Flour 

Who doesn't love cozying up with a warm baked good and cup of tea on a cold winters day! Rather than heading to the closest cafe, why not try making some healthy treats at home with some of our locally sourced flours - Guinness cake anyone? We have a wide range of Irish made flours to choose from which are perfect for baking (and cooking), such as our Organic Wholemeal Flour, Organic Type 00 Flour or Organic Spelt and Rye Grain which can be ground to flour in-store using our grain mill!

healthy at home baking irish made flour

3. Oats

Whether you start your day with a hearty bowl of porridge or enjoy some wholesome weekend baking, oats are a pantry staple! Sourced from a family run and managed business in the heart of Dublin, we have a large variety of Irish made oats including... 

Looking for a new recipe to try? Check out our Cinnamon & Vanilla Protein Porridge for your next breakfast! 

irish made oats porridge

4. Honey

Nestled in the beautiful city of Kilkenny lies a local bee farm where we source our delicious Raw Irish Honey. Run by a talented mother and daughter team, our honey supplier produces high-quality, pure, raw Irish honey that is perfect drizzled on top of your morning cereal or yoghurt, or used as a sweetener in your tea or baked goods! With natural immune-boosting properties, raw honey is a wonderful product to have in your cupboard during the cold Irish winter months - learn more about the amazing benefits of raw honey on our blogIrish made local honey

5. Personal Care 

Get the eco-friendly bathroom you always dreamed of with our amazing Irish made personal care products. We have a range of beautiful products like our Seaweed and Chamomile Lotion which is sourced from the west coast of Ireland and is packed with skin-loving vitamins, minerals, iodine, iron and the natural essential oils with incredible healing and therapeutic benefits. Bring your own containers from home and refill instore, or shop online and have them delivered in reusable containers straight to your door! 

We have also just launched an exciting new addition to our Irish made personal care range - our Luxury Natural Soaps! These beautiful, locally made soap bars are infused with essential oils, and contain gentle exfoliants to leave your skin smelling wonderful, and feeling fresh and smooth. Available in 3 beautiful fragrances (lemon, lavender and rosewater), these luxury soaps are free from Palm Oil, Parabens, Sulphates, Triclosan, Phthalates and Cruelty - perfect for gifting (or to enjoy a little pampering yourself!).

refillable eco friendly personal care products

6. Cleaning Liquids

Get your house sparkling clean and smelling fresh with our range of refillable eco-friendly cleaning liquids! Made by a local Irish manufacturer all our cleaning liquids are naturally fragranced with essential oils and are highly concentrated, meaning you'll be using less water, which is better for the planet! Plus, all our cleaning liquids are completely closed loop, delivered to us in reusable containers that are returned to the supplier and refilled with every delivery - meaning there is no packaging wastage! Shop our range of dirt busting cleaning liquids below:

  • All purpose spray
  • Washing up liquid 
  • Floor soap
  • Laundry liquid 
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Fabric conditioner
plastic-free eco friendly cleaning products

Click here to shop our full range of local Irish products! 

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